The European career centre for artists Triple Bridge is a platform and a unique artistic trademark, which connects the artists with the audience, the tradition with the new digital age, entrepreneurship, culture, and last but not least the city of Ljubljana with the world. In addition to its expertise, it provides young artists with a range of tools and skills to start a successful career in the modern world. It supports them in the beginnings of a professional path and opens up opportunities to help them in the competitive market.

Where did we get the idea for a European Career Centre for Artists?

The idea of creating such a career centre comes from the knowledge that every great artist deserves a successful career. Centre provides the youth with competence, courage and self-confidence. Triple Bridge promotes intercultural dialogue, international links, closer cooperation with partners, partner cities, businesses, sponsors, art lovers and the media. In addition to educational programmes, the centre organises a series of notable artistic events. The Triple Bridge is indeed building bridges between the different groups that are linked by common interests. There is a residence at the Career Center in Ljubljana, a city whose landmark is the Tromostovje. Hence the inspiration and the name of the organisation.

The European Career Center for Artists Triple Bridge has been created at the initiative of the Culture Association BSA (Kulturno društvo BSA). Its work has been inspired by the needs and interests of young musicians across the globe. The association has always had a comprehensive approach to the development of artists and has centred its work around their artistic as well as general development. Perhaps this is why the founders and the creators of its programs soon became aware that while they are raising exceptional musicians, they often lack the competencies for more independent career development. “Art of success” requires other talents and skills such as understanding the laws of the music industry, social media skills and the ability to leverage digital platforms for self-promotion and raising awareness, networking and entrepreneurship skills and the ability to nurture relationships with music industry stakeholders and sponsors (artist as an entrepreneur), etc. This realisation was behind the birth of the platform and European brand that will help artists understand how the modern world requires them to be virtuosos both on the stage as well as off it. BSA invited numerous eminent institutions that were happy to participate. 

What can we expect from Triple Bridge?

Triple Bridge encourages intercultural dialogue, cross-border connections and closer collaboration between partners, partner cities, companies, sponsors, art lovers and media. Last but not least, it brings art music closer to new audiences. In addition to education, it also organizes numerous excellent music events. Triple Bridge truly builds bridges between different groups that share the same interests. It is based in Ljubljana, and the city landmark Tromostovje (Triple Bridge) was the inspiration for the organization's name.





Who are the partners and co-founders?

Partners of the European Career Center for Artists Triple Bridge that also partially finance the project are City Municipality of Ljubljana, Ljubljana Festival and Creative Europe Programme of the European Union. Its cofounders include numerous eminent cultural institutions, such as Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia – Roma, Branimir Slokar Academy Ljubljana, Lille National Orchestra, Netherland Philharmonic Orchestra, Barcelona Symphony and Catalonia National Orchestra, Sarajevo Philharmonic Orchestra, Montenegrin Symphony Orchestra, International Yehudi Menuhin Foundation, Regesta.exe SRL, Regione Lazio.

Triple Bridge also participates in the international Music Up Close Network project that is sponsored by the European Union. The project was created at the initiative of Accademie Nazionale Santa Cecilia from Rome with partners from Brussels, Lille, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Sarajevo, Podgorica and Ljubljana with partners of European Career Center for Artists Triple Bridge coming from Belgrade, Zagreb, Skopje and London.